​2 corinth street, roslindale, ma * tba * music starts at 9

april 14- the plough & stars

May 10

“If you're one of those people that thinks there's no good bands anymore or everything sounds the same - Welcome to your new favorite band! You will be drawn into a world that's full of color and sound. And the voice of a 'Siren' to show you the way.”

Ralph Rivera, Switchblade New Wave

Played on Ice Cream Man Power Pop (Norway), Le Trafalgar (Paris), El Sótano Radio (Spain), Queens of Noize (Australia)

plus many others!

Number 1 on Radio Indie Alliance charts

"Perfect (power) pop!"   

Make It Sound, Sweden

and more to be announced soon!

​tour dates 2022

january 22-the plough & stars

​912 mass ave, cambridge, ma * free * music starts at 10

​912 mass ave, cambridge, MA  * $5 * music starts at 10pm

        february 5-the square root 

"It’s so Kid Gulliver all around. No one else can do this quite like them. That’s why we love them."

Boston Groupie News

"It's outrageously poppy power pop."

 Ken Sears, If It's Too Loud 

Featured video on Rodney on the Rock's social media

Played on The Rodney Bingenheimer Show and

Bill Kelly's Blackhole Bandstand, both on Sirius XM