Upcoming Shows:


The Mess Around and WhistleStop Rock are joining forces to bring you a virtual show you'll never forget! WhistleSisters from many undisclosed bunker-like locations will perform solo or with whomever they can find in their bunker. And you can experience it all from your very own bunker as it will be 100% online. Guests will include:
Lynda from Tiger Bomb
JoEllen from The Cold Expectations
Linda from The Chelsea Curve
Lisa and Heather from Heather Rose In Clover
Linnea from Linnea's Garden
Gretchen from The Knock Ups
In addition your Mess Around hosts Jay Allen, Tom Baker, and Justine Covault will contribute a few tunes and bring the Mess to the fest.
We'll be raising funds for the site of the last in-person WhistleStop Rock Fest, ONCE Somerville, donate here:


Come back soon... :(

May 10